View at sunrise over Gardens by the bay

Singapore continued

Not to make you confused, at the moment I’m in Vietnam. Okay, I admit I’m a bit behind schedule with this blog, but that’s only because all days were completely filled with awesome things! To not let you out on these stories, I’ll just continue the story, starting with the last day in Singapore.

White Tiger at Singapore Zoo

Study tour in Singapore

This blog post can also be found at: Good morning! This day we had get up early for two planned visits: IExperience and the Singapore zoo complete with night safari. Both planned visits were as always fun. However, at this study tour the day does not end after our scheduled programme. We obviously also […]

Crossing the bridge

Destination Singapore

Finally! After looking forward to the study tour for almost half a year we arrived in Singapore. After leaving the University of Twente campus by bus and flying from Schiphol, we arrived at Singapore international airport at 4pm local time. The first impressions of the country were well worth the 12 hour long flight. The […]

Interesting cultural differences

It’s already two months ago since we landed in Melbourne and the time really has been flying. We are still having trouble in getting rid of the ‘holiday feeling’. This is mostly due to the fact that we keep seeing and exploring new parts of Melbourne and the Australian culture. And you have to believe […]

Trip to Cairns

Welcome back to our blog! It has been a while since, but after being back from our holiday and keeping up with our assignments for the University we finally had some time to write a new post. A few weeks ago we decided that it was time to find some nice weather instead of the steady […]


In search for a house in Melbourne

After our lovely touchdown in Melbourne we tried to leave the plane as fast as we could. Because we watched too much ‘border security’ back home we prepared for the worst. The series scared us enough to not bring anything illegal into Australia and carefully double check both our arriving passenger and Ebola cards. But […]

How to avoid jetlag?

The worst parts about traveling to a far destination may well be the long flight and jetlag you might get. We had a flight of 22 hours in total and flew eight hours forward in time on our way to Australia. Here’s what we encountered, and how we dealt with it. The start of our journey […]